Festivals and dates in Turkey

  1. Istanbul Tulip Festival: Held annually in April, this festival adorns the streets, parks, and open spaces of Istanbul with thousands of colorful tulips.
  2. Cappadocia Balloon Festival: Taking place in the first week of July, this festival offers the chance to witness the magnificent landscapes of Cappadocia from above with hot air balloon rides.
  3. Camel Wrestling Festival: Held annually between November and March in the Aegean region, this festival attracts domestic and international tourists to watch the spirited battles of large camels.
  4. Oil Wrestling Festival (Kirkpinar): The oldest and most famous wrestling festival in Turkey, Kirkpinar takes place in Edirne in June and July, featuring traditional Turkish oil wrestling competitions.
  5. Cappadox Music and Art Festival: Set against the backdrop of Cappadocia's captivating scenery, this festival celebrates music, art, and gastronomy, held in June.
  6. Istanbul Jazz Festival: Held annually in July, this festival offers concerts of jazz and other music genres against the historic backdrop of Istanbul.
  7. Rock'n Coke Festival: A magnet for rock music enthusiasts, this festival takes place in Istanbul at the end of summer and hosts performances by famous rock bands.
  8. Mesir Paste Festival: Held annually in March in Manisa, this festival celebrates the historical and cultural significance of Mesir paste with various events and activities.